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  1. alessandro profiti

Updated ELNS block processing like VERS,DEBG and INFO as g3gg0 requested

Note: include latest lua_fix to improve stability

Comments (6)

  1. Daniel Fort

    7D and selftest modules aren’t compiling. Made a pull request on your repository that fixes these issues.

    1. alessandro profiti author

      Cherry picked your 7D fix from lua_fix. Made a quick check to se if was compiling and appears to be ok, It’s not present in crop_rec_4k PR but can be done now or later (remerging lua_fix) if is needed.

      Waiting for a1ex regarding selftest module, as last resort I can backout only selftest module and leave mem.c unchanged but having tests for the new allocator method will come in handy.

      1. alessandro profiti author

        Merged lua_fix and manual_lens_info to have fix for both problems.

        I had to refactor most of my local repository to avoid duplicate branch

  2. Daniel Fort

    Are there any outstanding issues on this PR that is preventing it from being merged into the manual_lens_info branch?

    1. Alex

      Outstanding issue: I did not test it :(

      The memory management changes were tricky, last time I’ve checked (iirc there was some trouble passing the tests). I need at least a couple of hours (maybe more) to review them. I’m not sure I’ll be able to allocate these hours during the next few days.

      1. alessandro profiti author

        Would like to ask if is possible to merge into manual_lens_info and generate a new build from Jenkins, we could commit for memory management changes to the main PR if necessary.

        Current experimental build on the website (2018-12-23) is old and not working due to memory problems, this one doesn’t crashes to me and can be used to receive feedback from users.

        Will update PR to crop_rec_4k when manual_lens_info branch doesn’t need any other commits for stability