Adapted good old stripes correction code from raw2dng to latest mlv_dump

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  1. bouncyball

Adapted stripes correction code from raw2dng (credits to Alex). Now it correctly does its job for all cameras (not only 5d3).

For the best results, for uncompressed 10/12bit raw, use '-b 14' switch to convert data to 14bits before processing takes place.

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    1. bouncyball author


      When used this latest code from raw2dng, highlights are cleaned completely but there are some stripe remainings in shadows. Can be this tuned somehow?

      Here are 2 sample dngs.

      Look at the shadow on the roof.

          1. Alex

            IIRC the 7D has a different issue (per-column offset rather than gain, or something like this). Sorry, didn’t manage to look into it yet :(

          2. Alex

            Working on a fix for this clip, i.e. a complete rework of the algorithm.

            Meanwhile, I’ve confirmed the new implementation, with -b 14, gives pretty much the same result as the old one (with minor differences, not relevant).

            Edit: here’s the result I’ve got.

            With this PR, i.e. old algorithm and -b 14:

      1. bouncyball author

        Here is another MLV where sky can be cleaned fully but bi hand has stripes.

        Masc said he will provide with some additional 7D footage. Unfortunately we do not have any other cam to offer MLVs from.

  1. bouncyball author

    All striped sample MLVs moved here (2 additional ones)

    @Alex: do you have any news regarding the reworked stripe code?

    1. Alex

      Well… it wasn’t better than the old algorithm on all of the files I’ve tested, so it’s probably best to add it as an option. My draft patch completely replaced the old algorithm; if you’d like to try it at this stage, I can share it.