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Magic Lantern

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hg pull -r flexinfo_600D https://bitbucket.org/600dplus/magiclantern_eyefi_trick_cleanup
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  1. scrax

After some testing and clean-up enabled flexinfo for 600D since it’s working without issue and memory don’t seems to be anymore a problem for it.

Removed date, lens, copyright etc. from screen borders (maybe could be used to show focus and DOF instead?

Also changed how TRAPFOCUS is shown in photo mode; now more consistent with canon GUI (overriding MF with TRAPFOCUS).

screenshot and test build here

Comments (2)

  1. Alex

    Nitpick: I’m going to get rid of Canon fonts, as new models no longer have them.

    Will try it after merging lua_fix; need to check if memory is still an issue then.

    These info tricks should be unified for all Rebel models; @walter_schulz mentioned it somewhere; will look it up later.

    1. scrax author

      Agree for Rebels unifications; but I can only work on 600D so need help from who has the other Rebels model like for the GUIMODES for Rebelgui module, but so far nobody seems interessed.

      Just for info, I’m using a working branch (scrax) on my cloned repo, that has all my last edits for 600D (rename module, rebelgui and cmodes module, auto audio override for audio remote shoot, flexinfo and more shortcut) and lua_fix merged and works ok with flexinfo enabled (like on unified).

      About Canon fonts, what you suggest to use instead?
      I used them where they are extending canon GUI like for Kelvin or TRAPFOCUS to have consistency. Also using them in rebelgui module for same reason.

      Tried with FONT_LARGE but it’s not so nice. Maybe can we have something like #ifndef CANON_FONTS instead of removing them from the models that has them?