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inverse video!

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 	window_init(&window, "Main");
 	window_stack_push(&window, true);
+	window_set_background_color(&window, GColorBlack);
-	text_layer_init(&time_layer, GRect(22,10,144-24,50));
+	text_layer_init(&time_layer, GRect(0,0,144,168));
 	time_buffer[0] = '\0';
 	text_layer_set_text(&time_layer, time_buffer);
-	text_layer_set_font(&time_layer, fonts_get_system_font(FONT_KEY_GOTHAM_42_BOLD));
+	text_layer_set_text_color(&time_layer, GColorWhite);
+	text_layer_set_background_color(&time_layer, GColorBlack);
+	text_layer_set_font(&time_layer, fonts_get_system_font(FONT_KEY_GOTHAM_30_BLACK));
 	layer_add_child(&window.layer, &time_layer.layer);
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