Trammell Hudson committed 7d4706b

restored WORLD

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   //last_score_mode = 99; // ???
-#if 0
   // Write "WORLD" in the top left corner
-  write_font = 77;
     // TODO: This is, just wrong. Seriously. Right?
-    glcdWriteChar('W', inverted);glcdWriteChar('O', inverted);
-    glcdWriteChar('R', inverted);glcdWriteChar('L', inverted);
+    glcdWriteChar('W', inverted);
+    glcdWriteChar('O', inverted);
+    glcdWriteChar('R', inverted);
+    glcdWriteChar('L', inverted);
     glcdWriteChar('D', inverted);
-  write_font = 57;
   // Add the coin and draw the time
   draw_coin(COIN_X, 0);
 void WriteTime(uint8_t inverted) {
   // Draw Date
-  glcdSetAddress(1,1);
+  glcdSetAddress(1,8);
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