Trammell Hudson avatar Trammell Hudson committed 832c5c9

Fix libpebble dependency

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 -include $(TOP)/Makefile.config
 # If Makefile.config does not define these, use defaults paths.
-PEBBLE_HOME ?= $(HOME)/pebble-sdk-release-001/sdk
+PEBBLE_HOME ?= $(HOME)/build/pebble/pebble-sdk-release-001/sdk
 ARM_GCC_PATH ?= $(HOME)/arm-cs-tools/bin
 GCC_PREFIX := $(ARM_GCC_PATH)/arm-none-eabi-
 	$(SIZE) $@
-	$(MAKE) -C $(dir $(TOP)/lib/src
+	$(MAKE) -C $(TOP)/lib/src
 # Libraries do not use resources, but do need to link everything together
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