prom / xmodem.h

/** \file
 * xmodem file transfer protocol.
#ifndef _xmodem_h_
#define _xmodem_h_

#include <avr/io.h>
#include <stdint.h>

typedef struct
	uint8_t soh;
	uint8_t block_num;
	uint8_t block_num_complement;
	uint8_t data[128];
	uint8_t cksum;
} __attribute__((__packed__))

#define XMODEM_SOH 0x01
#define XMODEM_EOT 0x04
#define XMODEM_ACK 0x06
#define XMODEM_CAN 0x18
#define XMODEM_C 0x43
#define XMODEM_NAK 0x15
#define XMODEM_EOF 0x1a

	xmodem_block_t * const block

	xmodem_block_t * const block

int xmodem_fini(
	xmodem_block_t * const block

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