puma / play-ball.py

# Play a quick round of shuffleboard to show how it is done
import PumaConfig
import Puma
import sys
import time

r = Puma.Puma(("localhost", 31415), PumaConfig.joints)
vel = 10
power0 = 1550
power1 = 1600
power2 = 1560
power3 = 1560


raw_input("Station 1")
r.move_to(vel, [400, 130, -70])

raw_input("Swing 1!")

raw_input("Swing 2!")

raw_input("Station 2")
r.move_to(vel, [300, 130, -85])

raw_input("Swing 1!")

raw_input("Station 3")
r.move_to(vel, [430, 130, -60])

raw_input("Swing 1!")

raw_input("Go home")
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