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add id to csv output

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 } else {
 	open $out, ">$csv_out_file"
 		or die "$csv_out_file: Unable to write: $!\n";
-	print $out "last,first,time\n";
+	print $out "last,first,id,time\n";
 # Force writes to the CSV immediately
 	# Try for a 16 bit ID
+	my $id = $_;
 	my $id16 = 0;
-	for my $bit (split //, substr($_, -17, 16))
+	for my $bit (split //, substr($id, -17, 16))
 		$id16 = ($id16 << 1) | $bit;
 	printf "%d: %s\n", $count, $user->[1];
 	my $now = localtime;
-	print $out "$user->[0],$user->[1],$now\n";
+	print $out "$user->[0],$user->[1],$id,$now\n";
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