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 # Increase verbosity level.  Please use this when submitting bug
 # reports about avrdude. See <http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/avrdude> 
 # to submit bug reports.
-AVRDUDE_VERBOSE = -v -v -x serial_recv_timeout=100
+#AVRDUDE_VERBOSE = -v -v -x serial_recv_timeout=100
 #MY_CLOCK_IS_SLOW = -i 100
 AVRDUDE_ASCII = -x ascii
 .PHONY:	all build elf hex eep lss sym program coff extcoff clean depend
+avrfid2.elf: avrfid2.c
 	$(CC) \
 		-mmcu=attiny85 \
 		-O3 \