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pinout is (from left to right)
1 +5v (connect to pin 8 of db9 on motor 1)
2 encoder x1 (connect to pin 1 of db9)
3 encoder y1 (connect to pin 5 of db9)
4 encoder x2
5 encoder y2
6 gnd (connect to pin 9 of db9 on motor 1)

query commands:
?c		Display counters
!c		Clear counters

?m		Motor outputs

!g 1 100	Move at speed 100 (open loop)

# Disable pulse mode
^pina 1 0
^pina 2 0

# Enable encoder mode
^emod 1 17	Enable counter 1 as feedback for motor 1
^emod 2 33	Enable counter 2 as feedback for motor 2
~mmod		Query mode
^mmod 1 3	enable closed loop mode?

however, using the software to configure
^mmod 1 4
~emod 1 18
^mmod 2 4
~emod 2 34

# watchdog timeouts must be disabled in closed loop mode!
# otherwise it will return to home all the time
^rwd 0

# Write to the EEPROM

# Slow down the accel
^mac 1 5000
^mdec 1 5000

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