watches / lunar / main.h

/** \file
 * Simplified watch interface.
 * The watch program must implement these functions.
#ifndef _main_h_
#define _main_h_

#include <pulse_os.h>
#include <pulse_types.h>
#include <app_resources.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdint.h>

/** init() is called when the watch wakes up.
 * The screen will be blank and the OLED will be at 100%.
void init(void);

/** draw() is called everytime the app mainloop is invoked.
 * \todo Frame rate limiting?
void draw(uint32_t ms_since_midnight);

/** button_down() is called as soon as the button is pressed */
void button_down(void);

/** button_up() is called as soon as the button is released
 * with the length of time in ms that the button was held.
void button_up(uint32_t ms_held);