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Format: 1.4

# This is the main Natural Docs topics file.  If you change anything here, it
# will apply to EVERY PROJECT you use Natural Docs on.  If you'd like to
# change something for just one project, edit the Topics.txt in its project
# directory instead.

# Topic Type: [name]
#    Creates a new topic type.  Each type gets its own index and behavior
#    settings.  Its name can have letters, numbers, spaces, and these
#    charaters: - / . '
#    The Enumeration type is special.  It's indexed with Types but its members
#    are indexed with Constants according to the rules in Languages.txt.
# Plural: [name]
#    Sets the plural name of the topic type, if different.
# Keywords:
#    [keyword]
#    [keyword], [plural keyword]
#    ...
#    Defines a list of keywords for the topic type.  They may only contain
#    letters, numbers, and spaces and are not case sensitive.  Plural keywords
#    are used for list topics.
# Index: [yes|no]
#    Whether the topics get their own index.  Defaults to yes.  Everything is
#    included in the general index regardless of this setting.
# Scope: [normal|start|end|always global]
#    How the topics affects scope.  Defaults to normal.
#    normal        - Topics stay within the current scope.
#    start         - Topics start a new scope for all the topics beneath it,
#                    like class topics.
#    end           - Topics reset the scope back to global for all the topics
#                    beneath it.
#    always global - Topics are defined as global, but do not change the scope
#                    for any other topics.
# Class Hierarchy: [yes|no]
#    Whether the topics are part of the class hierarchy.  Defaults to no.
# Page Title If First: [yes|no]
#    Whether the topic's title becomes the page title if it's the first one in
#    a file.  Defaults to no.
# Break Lists: [yes|no]
#    Whether list topics should be broken into individual topics in the output.
#    Defaults to no.
# Can Group With: [type], [type], ...
#    Defines a list of topic types that this one can possibly be grouped with.
#    Defaults to none.

# The following topics MUST be defined in this file:
#    Generic, Class, Interface, Section, File, Group, Function, Variable,
#    Property, Type, Constant, Enumeration, Event, Delegate

# If you add something that you think would be useful to other developers
# and should be included in Natural Docs by default, please e-mail it to
# topics [at] naturaldocs [dot] org.

Topic Type: Generic

   Index: No
      topic, topics
      about, list

Topic Type: Class

   Plural: Classes
   Scope: Start
   Class Hierarchy: Yes
   Page Title If First: Yes
   Can Group With: Interfaces

      class, classes
      structure, structures
      struct, structs
      package, packages
      namespace, namespaces

Topic Type: Interface

   Plural: Interfaces
   Scope: Start
   Class Hierarchy: Yes
   Page Title If First: Yes
   Can Group With: Classes

      interface, interfaces

Topic Type: Section

   Plural: Sections
   Index: No
   Scope: End
   Page Title If First: Yes


Topic Type: File

   Plural: Files
   Scope: Always global
   Page Title If First: Yes

      file, files
      program, programs
      script, scripts
      document, documents
      doc, docs
      header, headers

Topic Type: Group

   Plural: Groups
   Index: No


Topic Type: Function

   Plural: Functions
   Break Lists: Yes
   Can Group With: Properties

      function, functions
      func, funcs
      procedure, procedures
      proc, procs
      routine, routines
      subroutine, subroutines
      sub, subs
      method, methods
      callback, callbacks
      constructor, constructors
      destructor, destructors
      operator, operators

Topic Type: Variable

   Plural: Variables
   Can Group With: Types, Constants, Macros, Enumerations

      variable, variables
      var, vars
      integer, integers
      int, ints
      uint, uints
      long, longs
      ulong, ulongs
      short, shorts
      ushort, ushorts
      byte, bytes
      ubyte, ubytes
      sbyte, sbytes
      float, floats
      double, doubles
      real, reals
      decimal, decimals
      scalar, scalars
      array, arrays
      arrayref, arrayrefs
      hash, hashes
      hashref, hashrefs
      bool, bools
      boolean, booleans
      flag, flags
      bit, bits
      bitfield, bitfields
      field, fields
      pointer, pointers
      ptr, ptrs
      reference, references
      ref, refs
      object, objects
      obj, objs
      character, characters
      wcharacter, wcharacters
      char, chars
      wchar, wchars
      string, strings
      wstring, wstrings
      str, strs
      wstr, wstrs
      handle, handles

Topic Type: Property

   Plural: Properties
   Can Group With: Functions

      property, properties
      prop, props

Topic Type: Type

   Plural: Types
   Can Group With: Variables, Constants, Macros, Enumerations

      type, types
      typedef, typedefs

Topic Type: Constant

   Plural: Constants
   Can Group With: Variables, Types, Macros, Enumerations

      constant, constants
      const, consts

Topic Type: Enumeration

   Plural: Enumerations
   Index: No
   Can Group With: Variables, Types, Macros, Constants

      enum, enums
      enumeration, enumerations

Topic Type: Event

   Plural: Events
      event, events

Topic Type: Delegate

   Plural: Delegates
      delegate, delegates

Topic Type: Macro

   Plural: Macros
   Can Group With: Variables, Types, Constants

      define, defines
      def, defs
      macro, macros

Topic Type: Database

   Plural: Databases
   Page Title If First: Yes

      database, databases
      db, dbs

Topic Type: Database Table

   Plural: Database Tables
   Scope: Start
   Page Title If First: Yes

      table, tables
      database table, database tables
      databasetable, databasetables
      db table, db tables
      dbtable, dbtables

Topic Type: Database View

   Plural: Database Views
   Scope: Start
   Page Title If First: Yes

      view, views
      database view, database views
      databaseview, databaseviews
      db view, db views
      dbview, dbviews

Topic Type: Database Index

   Plural: Database Indexes
      index, indexes
      index, indices
      database index, database indexes
      database index, database indices
      databaseindex, databaseindexes
      databaseindex, databaseindices
      db index, db indexes
      db index, db indices
      dbindex, dbindexes
      dbindex, dbindices
      key, keys
      database key, database keys
      databasekey, databasekeys
      db key, db keys
      dbkey, dbkeys
      primary key, primary keys
      primarykey, primarykeys
      database primary key, database primary keys
      databaseprimarykey, databaseprimarykeys
      db primary key, db primary keys
      dbprimarykey, dbprimarykeys

Topic Type: Database Cursor

   Plural: Database Cursors
      cursor, cursors
      database cursor, database cursors
      databasecursor, databasecursors
      db cursor, db cursors
      dbcursor, dbcursors

Topic Type: Database Trigger

   Plural: Database Triggers
      trigger, triggers
      database trigger, database triggers
      databasetrigger, databasetriggers
      db trigger, db triggers
      dbtrigger, dbtriggers

Topic Type: Cookie

   Plural: Cookies
   Scope: Always global

      cookie, cookies

Topic Type: Build Target

   Plural: Build Targets
      target, targets
      build target, build targets
      buildtarget, buildtargets