UML Testing Profile 2 (UTP 2) Specification Version 2.0-Beta

"In 2001, a working group at the OMG started developing a UML Profile dedicated to Model-based testing, called UML Testing Profile (UTP). It is a standardized language based on OMG’s Unified Modeling Language (UML) for designing, visualizing, specifying, analyzing, constructing, and documenting the artifacts commonly used in and required for various testing approaches, in particular model-based testing (MBT) approaches. UTP has the potential to assume the same important role for model-based testing approaches as UML assumes for model-driven system engineering."---OMG

The latest UML Testing Profile 2 (UTP 2) Specification is published in September 2017, i.e.,OMG UTP 2.0-beta Specification

Current Implementaton

Current implementation of OMG UTP 2.0-beta Specification is basded on IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA), which is a standard RSA profile project and it includes the released profile and the corresponding libraries.

The corresponding documentation of RSA UTP2.0 Profile can be found here: online documentation of UTP 2.0-beta RSA.

Setup Instructions

RSA UTP2.0 Profile is a UML-based model project. Once you have downloaded the RSA project, you can easily setup and employ it by following steps:

1. Unzip the RSA project file 'UTP Profile-RSA9.1.2.zip';
2. Import this project into RSA;
3. Create Model project;
4. Add the 'UTP' profile as Applied Proflies in the "Details" option;
5. Add Libraries (i.e. UTP Library) as Model Libraries in the "Details" option.


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