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Doug Hellmann  committed 769e9d3

use tempfile to create temporary files instead of the process id so the filenames are less predictable

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   - Add support for ksh.  Thanks to Doug Latornell for doing the
     research on what needed to be changed.
+  - Switch to ``tempfile`` command for creating temporary hook files.

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     # First anything that runs directly from the plugin
     "$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON" -m virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader $HOOK_VERBOSE_OPTION "$@"
     # Now anything that wants to run inside this shell
+    hook_script=$(tempfile --directory "$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_TMPDIR")
     "$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON" -m virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader $HOOK_VERBOSE_OPTION \
-        --source "$@" >>$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_TMPDIR/$$.hook
+        --source "$@" >>"$hook_script"
+    source "$hook_script"
+    rm -f "$hook_script"
 # Set up virtualenvwrapper properly