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 making it easier to work on more than one project at a time without
 introducing conflicts in their dependencies.
-What's New in 2.0
+What's New in 2.1
-This new version uses a significantly rewritten version of the
-hook/callback subsystem to make it easier to share extensions.  For 
-example, released at the same time is virtualenvwrapper-emacs-desktop_, 
-a plugin to switch emacs project files when you switch virtualenvs.
+The primary purpose of this release is a set of enhancements to
+support virtualenvwrapper.project_, a new extension to manage project
+work directories with templates.  2.1 also includes several smaller
+changes and bug fixes.
-Existing user scripts should continue to work as-written. Any failures
-are probably a bug, so please report them on the bitbucket
-tracker. Documentation for the new plugin system is available in the
-virtualenvwrapper docs_.
-I also took this opportunity to change the name of the shell script
-containing most of the virtualenvwrapper functionality from
-virtualenvwrapper_bashrc to virtualenvwrapper.sh. This reflects the
-fact that several shells other than bash are supported (bash, sh, ksh,
-and zsh are all reported to work). You'll want to update your shell
-startup file after upgrading to 2.0.
-The work to create the plugin system was triggered by a couple of
-recent feature requests for environment templates and for a new
-command to create a sub-shell instead of simply changing the settings
-of the current shell. The new, more powerful, plugin capabilities will
-make it easier to develop these and similar features.
-I'm looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with. I
-especially want someone to write a plugin to start a copy of a
-development server for a Django project if one is found in a
-virtualenv. You'll get bonus points if it opens the home page of the
-server in a web browser.
+- Add support for ksh.  Thanks to Doug Latornell for doing the
+  research on what needed to be changed.
+- Test import of virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader on startup and report
+  the error in a way that should help the user figure out how to fix
+  it (issue #33).
+- Update mkvirtualenv documentation to include the
+  fact that a new environment is activated immediately after it is
+  created (issue #30).
+- Added hooks around cpvirtualenv.
+- Made deactivation more robust, especially under ksh.
+- Use Python's ``tempfile`` module for creating temporary filenames
+  safely and portably.
+- Fix a problem with ``virtualenvwrapper_show_workon_options`` that
+  caused it to show ``*`` as the name of a virtualenv when no
+  environments had yet been created.
+- Change the hook loader so it can be told to run only a set of
+  named hooks.
+- Add support for listing the available hooks, to be used in help
+  output of commands like virtualenvwrapper.project's mkproject.
+- Fix mkvirtualenv -h option behavior.
+- Change logging so the $WORKON_HOME/hook.log file rotates after
+  10KiB.
 .. _virtualenvwrapper: http://www.doughellmann.com/projects/virtualenvwrapper/
-.. _virtualenvwrapper-emacs-desktop: http://www.doughellmann.com/projects/virtualenvwrapper-emacs-desktop/
-.. _docs: http://www.doughellmann.com/docs/virtualenvwrapper/
+.. _virtualenvwrapper.project: http://www.doughellmann.com/projects/virtualenvwrapper.project/