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-= Simple PHP logger =
+Simple PHP logger
 Very simple logging created to be like the Android logger class.
-== Getting Started ==
+Getting Started
-requre_once "PHPLogger.php";
-$log = new Loggger("/path/to/log");
-$tag = "LOG TEST";
+`requre_once "PHPLogger.php";`
+`$log = new Loggger("/path/to/log");`
+`$tag = "LOG TEST";`
+`//Print out some debug.`
+`$log->d($tag, "DEBUGGING FTW");`
+`//Print some info`
+`$log->i($tag,"Making cup of tea.");`
+`//you get the drift...`
+`$log->w($tag, "OOPS! Spoke too soon, SERVER DOWN!");`
-//Print out some debug.
-$log->d($tag, "DEBUGGING FTW");
-//Print some info
-$log->i($tag,"Making cup of tea.");
-//you get the drift...
-$log->w($tag, "OOPS! Spoke too soon, SERVER DOWN!");
 Take a look at the source for all supported levels, it's not terribly exciting, but there you go..