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fix fake target for $O/.*.o.d and override LANG

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 # Our custom Pebble library shared with all our watch faces
 LIBPEBBLE_TH := $(TOP)lib/build/libpebble_th.a
+# Disable any localization; otherwise tr might complain
+override LANG := C
 # Helper macros
 map = $(foreach f,$2,$(call $1,$f))
 	$(eval OBJS += $2) \
 $(foreach f,$(SRCS),$(call add_srcs,$f,$O/$(notdir $(f:.c=.o))))
+OBJS := $(strip $(OBJS))
 ifeq ($(LIB),)
 # Only build if we are making an application
 $(OBJS): $O/src/
-#$(eval $(info OBJS=$(OBJS)))
 $O/$(APP).pbw: $O/app_resources.pbpack
 $O/pebble-app.elf: $(OBJS) $(LIBPEBBLE_TH)
 	$(LD) \
-	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c -o $@ $<
+	$(CC) \
+		$(CFLAGS) \
+		-c \
+		-o $@ \
+		$<
 # Generate a fake resource_map.json file
 # Bring in all of the generated dependency files if any exist.
 # These are produced by the -MMD flag to gcc in $(CFLAGS).
+# If they do not exist, do not create a target for them.
+	@true
 -include $O/.*.o.d
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