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Updated timezones watch face to build using ./waf. Should work great on cloud pebble.net.

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-This tree is not built with the official Pebble waf scripts.
-Instead each directory has its own Makefile that includes
-the toplevel Makefile from here.
+This is a port of code written by Trammell Hudson <hudson@osresearch.net> so that it can be build using the ./waf build system that is used by most Pebble watch faces. This code works on cloudpebble.net. The resources below are needed for the code to run.
-The only configuration required is in Makefile.pebble:
+/resources/src/fonts/Arial.tff - Resource ID FONT_ARIAL_12
+/resources/src/fonts/Arial-Black.tff - Resource ID FONT_ARIAL_BLACK_20
+/resources/src/images/menu_icon.png - Resource ID IMAGE_MENU_ICON
-1. Set PEBBLE_HOME to point to the sdk directory
-You can also run make in each subdirectory to generate the PBW
-files for that subdirectory.  The PBW file will be written to
-the ../build subdirectory by default, but you can direct the artifacts
-anywhere by setting O=path-to-file on the command line.
-To start a new pebble project, create a Makefile that defines
-SRCS with the source input files that are used in your source, FONTS with the
-list of font files and sizes, optionally define APP to name the output
-program, and include the top level Makefile.pebble.
-As a sample Makefile, this is what builds the Nederlands clock:
-	APP := hoelaat
-	SRCS += nederlands.c
-	FONTS := \
-		fonts/Arial.ttf:28 \
-		fonts/Arial-Black.ttf:30 \
-	include ../../Makefile.pebble
-Fonts resource names are generated from the TTF input file name
-and size.  All applications use the same resource block name, "RESOURCES".
-Any questions?  Trammell Hudson <hudson@osresearch.net>
+The original code for this and other watch faces can be found at https://bitbucket.org/hudson/pebble