What's it

  Herschel is a general-purpose multiparadigm programming language.  It is
  strongly typed, offering type inference and parametric polymorphism
  ("generics").  It is thoroughly object oriented (everything is a object),
  while its consequent multiple dispatch approach gives it a strong
  functional touch.  The object model is class-oriented, supporting
  multiple inheritance just as a separation of types ("protocols",
  "interfaces") and classes.

  A (non complete) list of features:

  - object oriented ("everything's an object")
  - multi dispatch functions
  - strong functional aproach (while being not strictly functional)
  - first class functions and "real" closures
  - fully lexical scoped
  - automatic memory management (garbage collected)
  - returnable exceptions
  - multiple returnvalues
  - named parameters
  - modules and namespaces
  - classes and types ("interfaces")
  - optional static typing
  - compiled, though not required by specification

Where can I find more information about it?

  This project is neither finished nor really usable yet.  You can find the
  code on

  For more information check the wiki at: