Caudium 1.4

Caudium is a modern, fast and extensible WWW server derived from Roxen.
Caudium is by default compatible with Roxen 1.3 although some incompatible
options, mostly introduced to improve the performance, security etc. of the
server, can be turned on.
Caudium features built-in log parsing engine (UltraLog), XSLT parser, native
PHP4 support, multiple execution threads and many more features - see and for more information.

Caudium is Copyright © The Caudium Group, 2000-
Based on Roxen 1.3, Copyright © Roxen Internet Software AB, 1994 - 2000
Pike is Copyright © to Fredrik Hübinette, 1994 - 2000

This software is distributed under GPL, see the file COPYING for
more details.


If you are upgrading from a previous release of Caudium, you are strongly
encouraged to follow the following instructions in order to ensure the 
upgrade process is completed smoothly.

1. Read the release notes contained in the CHANGES file, noting any 
   changes that may impact your installation, such as incompatible 
   differences between versions. This file may also contain directions
   for dealing with any upgrade issues that may not be handled 

2. Make a backup of your configuration and server directories. The 
   installation process will make a backup of the server directory, but it 
   will only keep the most recent backup copy.

3. Delete the contents of your caudium_cache directory.


Read INSTALLING for installation instructions.

The directories

tools/ 		Misc tools.
		 o addfp98.pike     -- maintainance tool for Frontpage.
		 o backlog-bumper   -- for Solaris 2.4 and up.
		 o xdumpfont        -- dumps an X font to a Caudium font.
		 o make_changelog   -- makes a ChangeLog from CVS-entries.
		 o init.d_roxen     -- /etc/init.d script starting point.
		                       Stop does not work correctly.
		 o compress.pike    -- Gz compresses files.
		 o uncompress.pike  -- Gz decompresses files.

src/		Various programs and modules used by Caudium that requires
		compilation (ie programs written in C).

server/         The pike objects, all modules and other misc source that is
		the core of the Caudium software.
                Important subdirs:
		 o base_server      -- Core server sources
		 o languages        -- Language modules
		 o protocols        -- Protocol modules
		 o modules          -- Caudium core modules, in subdirs
	         o etc              -- Misc. files
		 o config_actions   -- Plugins for the configuration interface
		 o server_templates -- Server template files for the 'add a new
				       virtual server' action in the 
 				       configuration interface.