Pike Extension Package by the Caudium Group


  PExts is Copyright © The Caudium Group, 2000-2003

  This software is distributed under the GPL as a whole whith parts of it
  being distributed under other license.


  From CVS:
    (execute these commands in the _top_ directory)
    You need at least autoconf 2.53

    ./configure [--with-pike=/path/to/pike]
    make install

  From tarball:
    ./configure [--with-pike=/path/to/pike]
    make install

  The configure option --with-pike is optional. If the pike you want
  to use is in your path, it's not required. The configure script
  searches in many locations for a suitable pike. If you want to use
  PExts with the Caudium webserver, use the --with-pike option
  to point to the correct binary (which normally would be
  $prefix/caudium/server/bin/caudium, where $prefix is the prefix used
  when installing the webserver).


  The minimum requirement for PExts is Pike 7.0. Initially we planned to
  support Pike 0.6 as well, but due to significant changes in the Pike C
  module interface and other internal Pike changes, we changed our mind.
  If you are running Roxen 1.3 and want to use these extension modules, we
  suggest that you upgrade to Caudium, which is Roxen 1.3 compatible, but
  can be run with Pike 7.0 (Caudium 1.0 series), 7.2 (Caudium 1.2 series)
  and 7.4/7.5 (Caudium 1.3 series).

  Individual modules might have other requirements. Please see the file
  README.modules for details.

More information:

  Please go to for the pexts FAQ.