This module provides an interface to the libxml2 library. This module has 
been tested and is known to work on Pike 7.6 under Solaris and Linux 
using libxml2 version 2.6. Your mileage may vary, and problem reports are 
welcome! Please report problems and bugs to the author, listed in the
CHANGES document that came with this software.

This module currently provides 2 parsers: a Tree/DOM oriented parser, and 
a SAX v2 compliant parser. Namespaces are supported for each parser. The 
SAX parser supports "streamed" or "push" parsing as well as parsing of 
the complete document. The Tree parser API is similar, though not 
identical, to the Parser.XML.Tree parser provided with Pike. 

Non-scientific tests indicate that this parser is considerably faster than 
that supplied with Pike.

Additionally, this module provides an interface to libxslt, allowing 
transformations of XML data. Finally, this parser can validate against a 
DTD or RelaxNG schema.


To build this module, perform the following steps:

0a. Install the pkgconfig tool
0b. Install the libxml2 and (optionally) libxslt library 
1. Make sure that make and your C compiler are in your PATH.
2. Unpack the module.
3. Enter the module directory.
4. Run the following command:
     pike -x module
5. Install the module using one of the following commands:
     pike -x module install
       (installs the module in the system module tree)
     pike -x module local_install
       (installs the module in your local module tree in $HOME/pike_modules)
6. If desired, you may incorporate the module's reference documentation into
   your local Pike installation using the following command:
     pike -x module modref

Usage examples are found in the examples directory.