This is the Pike Message Queue (PMQ).

pmqd.config is the configuration file for pmqd.

- pmqd is the daemon, which listens on port 9999 by default. pmqd can also 
listen on a unix socket. Currently, this is an either/or option.

- pmqc is a message creator, it connects to the pmqd running on the 
loopback address.

- pmqp is a message queue printer, it drains messages from a queue running 
on the loopback address.

- web/queue_reader.pike is a Roxen/Caudium script that impliments a simple 
queue reader. Simply append the name of the queue (ala PathInfo) to the 
request and you can get the next message from the queue.

There's currently no configuration or security. Similarly, there is no 
message persistance (yet).

The readers (PMQTopicReader and PMQQueueReader) support callback mode or 
blocking read mode. Messages are streamed to the reader upon subscription. 

Available Queue Types:

SimpleQueue: a simple point to point queue between one or more writers and 
multiple consumers. Messages are held for the consumer and any waiting 
messages are delivered at subscription time. Note that each message will be 
delivered to one and only one consumer.

SimpleTopic: a single to many queue between x writers and y consumers. 
Messages are not held, and are delivered immediately to any subscribed 

Queues and Topics are currently automatically created upon subscription; 
this is a configurable option.