tunesd is a media server for iTunes and Roku SoundBridge devices. The server 
speaks the DAAP protocol that allows it to appear as a remote music library 
in iTunes.

In terms of goals, the aim is to provide a workable replacement for the now
dormant Firefly media server software, with some of the more frustrating 
behavior (for this author, at least) fixed. tunesd has the added benefit of 
being written in a programming language that makes it far easier to keep up 
to date as Apple makes changes to the (un-published) DAAP protocol.

Features include:

- support for MacOSX, Windows and most Unix platforms
- can provide incremental updates to connected iTunes clients
- automatically updates the music library as changes are made, no 
  rescanning required
- support for reading tags from MP3 and MPEG-4 files.
- authentication support
- web interface

Upcoming features:

- playlists
- smart playlist creation


tunesd is written in Pike, so a copy of the Pike interpreter for your 
platform is required. 

Play-time calculation for non-MP3 audio files that are not tagged with
play-length information is provided using ffmpeg. Note: MacOS X includes a 
tool that will automatically be used on that platform.

Once the upcoming feature list above has been delivered, pre-built installers 
will be provided, so stay tuned!

The Pike website:

The Author

tunesd is written by Bill Welliver <bill at welliver dot org>. Please feel free to 
get in touch with any questions or comments.

The License

A license (MPL? GPL? BSD?) hasn't been settled on just yet, so please don't 
pass copies around until we get that figured out.