SchLibView for KiCad

This is a simple viewer application for KiCad schematic symbol library files. It's written in lovely D language using GtkD toolkit.


It doesn't have any features other than what you see in the above screenshot. It can list symbols from multiple files in the tree view. You can open any symbol file easily by dropping it over. It does its best to emulate KiCads drawing style. But it falls short in same cases such as overlining with tilde (~) character or awful looking vector font.


Well, if you have already installed DUB, Ds awesome dependency and build management tool, building this application is very easy, in fact its rather default. Just use:

dub run

Oh, I'm not sure if this will work under windows though.

But Why?

Well, I was bored and wanted to do a practice project for my newly learned D skills. I also wanted to code something to do with drawing. So I just created this.

Honestly, I'm not sure where to take this. I don't have any ideas other than obvious improvements. Maybe I should create a full schematic file viewer. If you have any ideas or requests please let me know.

By the way, if you are interested in writing similar applications, maybe in other languages, check out the code. It might be helpful.