Small and simple software for plotting data from serial port in realtime.

SerialPlot v0.4 Screenshot


  • Reading data from serial port
  • Binary data formats (u)int8, (u)int16, (u)int32, float
  • User defined frame format for robust operation
  • ASCII input (Comma Separated Values)
  • Synchronized multi channel plotting
  • Define and send commands to the device in ASCII or binary format
  • Take snapshots of the current waveform and save to CSV file

page for screenshots.



You can install SerialPlot for Ubuntu/Linux Mint (and other ubuntu based
distributions) via
Ubuntu PPA. Use
below commands to add ppa to your system and install SerialPlot.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hyozd/serialplot
apt update
apt install serialplot


You can obtain windows installation packages from
downloads section.


  • Qt 5, including SerialPort module
  • Qwt 6.1


Obtain Dependencies

  • Qt5 development packages
  • Qt5 SerialPort module
  • CMake
  • Mercurial

Under Ubuntu/Debian:
apt install qtbase5-dev libqt5serialport5-dev cmake mercurial

Download and Install Qwt [Optional]

Qwt is the library that provides
plotting widgets for SerialPlot. You have 3 different options for Qwt.

  • Leave it to serialplot build scripts. Qwt will be downloaded over
    SVN and built for you. You should have svn installed for this.

  • If your linux distribution has libqwt-qt5-dev or qwt-qt5-devel
    package, install it and set BUILD_QWT cmake option to false.

  • Download Qwt 6 here
    and build it yourself per these
    and install. Make sure you use Qt5 (not Qt4) to build. And set
    BUILD_QWT cmake option to false.

Download and Build SerialPlot

You can use Mercurial to download SerialPlot source code. Or you can
download it from here:

hg clone
cd serialplot
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

You can also build with QtCreator IDE using file.

Known Issues

  • On Ubuntu 16.04 / Linux Mint 18, removing USB serial device while it
    is open in SerialPlot, causes application to go into a nasty loop
    and eventually it crashes. This is a bug of Qt 5.5. I have uploaded
    a patched version of the problematic libqt5serialport5 package to
    launchpad ppa. If you install SerialPlot from there, you shouldn't
    have any problems.

  • Port error 13 happens when closing. This is a Qt issue. It's known
    to not happen with Qt 5.4.1 . Not fatal.


This software is licensed under GPLv3. See file COPYING for details.