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Creme is a free/open-source Customer Relationship Management software developped by Hybird (

Creme is coded in Python, and uses the Django web framework ( and
the JQuery javascript library (

You can find more information on Creme on its official web site:

    - Core
        - Python 2.6
        - Django 1.3
        - Django-mediagenerator 1.10.2
        - South 0.7
        - pytz-2011e
        - Java >= 1.4 (only needed to build the compressed version of CSS and JavaScript files at installation time)

    - Optionnal
        - creme.billing:
            - pdflatex (if you want PDF export)

            - pygraphviz

        - creme.activesync:
            - PIL >= 1.1.7
            - restkit 2.2.1
            - pycrypto 2.3

        - creme.crudity:
            - lcab (if you want Infopath forms exports and your server doesn't run on Windows)

It's recommended to use a database engine that supports transactions.

You have to know how to install a Django application.
See the creme/ and set your parameters (or put them in a new file called creme/ instead).
When you have chosen the creme apps you want (by commenting the unwanted ones), and configured the DB parameters
run the following commands in the creme/ directory:
>> python syncdb

If you have already a database corresponding to Creme 1.0 (else skip the following command), backup your database and run:
>> python migrate 0001 --fake --all

>> python migrate
>> python generatemedia
[Do not worry about 'URL not found' messages]
>> python creme_populate -v

Recent activity

Guillaume Englert

Commits by Guillaume Englert were pushed to hybird/creme_crm-1.1

82c7b70 - refs #64 Three bugs fixed in 'activities' that were relative to users' Calendars - The Block to configure Calendars was visible for users that does ...
Guillaume Englert

Commits by Guillaume Englert were pushed to hybird/creme_crm-1.1

b1704b6 - refs #64 #6 Three bugfixes related to emails : (backported from 1.2 dev). - Emails sent from a detailview where not linked with the sender ...
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