It's a Google Chrome extension that uses new tab page to display selected bookmarks and extensions for a quick and easy access

What is this repository for?

A Google Chrome plugin that uses New Tab page to show bookmarks folder (Bookmarks Bar by default) for quick access to its items and allows to manage it This extension replaces standard New Tab page with a very simple thing - a list of a content of a selected bookmarks folder (Bookmarks Bar by default) and some useful Chrome shortcuts, like settings, passwords, cookies, extensions and data cleanup. It also syncs with Google (if you have Chrome logged into your Google account) so you have settings synchronized across all computers you use Chrome at. It also have an option to conceal, delete or rearrange bookmarks within selected folder.

How do I get set up?

Follow the official Chrome Developer guide to install an unpacked extension:

Contribution guidelines

Please contact me (hydralien here on Bitbucket or, so in case you would like to see anything added to the extension - I have a several ideas myself, but would also like to keep the thing as simple and available as possible.