cleanupregistration fails if package installed by easy_install

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Hynek Cernoch
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This is problem of original version 0.7 and I think also 0.8.

The management command cleanupregistration fails if django-registration have been installed by easy_install which by default installs compressed egg packages.

How to reproduce it: \ If django-registration is installed, please remove it manually first respect to your actual installation path {{{ $ cd some/project

Please update the path to your actual installation

$ sudo rm -rf /usr/local/lib/python2./dist-packages/django_registration-0.7-py2..egg* $ sudo easy_install django-registration

... (is zip compressed)

$ python cleanupregistration Unknown command: 'cleanupregistration' $ sudo rm -rf /usr/local/lib/python2./dist-packages/django_registration-0.7-py2..egg* $ sudo easy_install --always-unzip django-registration

... (is uncompressed)

$ python cleanupregistration

... (no output = OK)


Therefore the compressed egg installation of django-registration is broken whereas uncompressed is ok.

The best solution of the problem is to add the parameter zip_safe=False to call of setup function in

Other uncomfortable but easy solution is to remember to install it with the option --always-unzip added after easy_install.

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