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Fire In Folders

From usage you will see all this CLI tool does:

$ ls
$ ls test/
foobar foobar2
$ ls test/foobar/
changes.txt huhu.txt
$ ls test/foobar2/

$ fire_in_folders -s test ls
changes.txt huhu.txt

$ fire_in_folders -s test rm *
$ fire_in_folders -s test touch foo.txt
$ fire_in_folders -s test ls


This tool was created for use with buildout and svn externals. Buildout populates src/ folder with products that need svn management (and we hate svn externals). Makes it easier to do: "fire_in_folders svn up"



  • fix: bug when main() function will not accept arguments
  • feature: display information in which folder is output coming from

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