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This document describes the Simflowny installation process.

Detailed documentation can be found at

Directory Structure

The directory structure is as follows:
	OSGI_Framework/                         Infrastructure in which Simflowny runs (OSGi)
	checkstyle/                             Checkstyle for the source code
	doc/                                    Documentation auto-generated during compilation
	docker/                                 Docker configuration files for Simflowny
	integration tests/                      Internal integration tests
        bundles/                            Source code of Simflowny separated in bundles
            AGDM/                           Source code for discretization
            cactusCodeConnectorPlugin/      Obsolete plugin for Cactus simulation platform
            codeGeneratorPlugin/            Source code for generation of simulation code
            codesDBPlugin/                  Source code for internal storage of documents
            documentManagerPlugin/          Source code for document management
            guiTesting/                     Testing of graphical user interface
            latexPdfGeneratorPlugin/        Source code for latex and PDF conversion
            mathMSGui/                      Graphical User interface
            simflownyUtilsPlugin/           Source code for common utilities (internal conversions)
            tensorialToCoordinatePlugin/    Obsolete plugin for tensorial introduction
            xQueryPlugin/                   Obsolete plugin for xQuery based discretization schemas
            xindice/                        Wrapper for xIndice database
        license/                            Simflowny license
        thirdParty/                         Third party libraries
        thirdPartyLicenses/                 Third party licenses from libraries
    target/                                 Folder created after compilation with the binaries of Simflowny
    assembly.conf                           Internal plugin configuration for Maven                              Installation script

Obtaining Simflowny

Simflowny will be soon available at CPC library.


Simflowny has different requirements, most of them coming from the simulation platform in use (SAMRAI, boost).
In order to check the requirements and a guide to install them, visit:


Simflowny is to be compiled with Maven version >= 3.0.0. To run the compilation, open a terminal, move to simflowny folder and run:

    mvn package -Dmaven.test.skip=true

This command will start the compilation of Simflowny without testing, which lasts considerable time. The directive -Dmaven.test.skip=true can be removed to compile and run the tests.


If the compilation has ended correctly, a new folder "target" is created with a zipped file containing the binaries. 
For a configuration detail check

Cleaning Up

Running the following command will clean the folders to the original source code:

    mvn clean


Full documentation detail, with tutorials and user guides, can be found at