Increasing API coverage, enhancing solvers API

#4 Declined
  1. Scott West

Adding functions like toApp and mkForallConst

This also introduces better support for Solvers, in particular using a ForeignPtr to handle the required use of reference counting.

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  1. Iago Abal repo owner

    Hi Scott,

    First of all, thanks for another contribution.

    I read through your changesets and I will be happy to merge. This will take me a few weeks though, since I'm moving to another country for a new job position. Also, I want to notice that I'm not very comfortable with directly merging a pull request, I much prefer to pull changes locally and do minor history rewritings to keep it clean. After doing this merge, I will kindly ask you to re-fork the project if you don't mind, since once I edit a commit message to add a hashtag like #changelog, the changesets will be considered different and this will cause trouble to both of us later. Sorry about that, I'm aware that this way to proceed may be inconvenient to you and other potential contributors, so I'll think about doing it in another way in the future.


    1. Scott West author

      Hello Iago,

      I will be sure to refork after you've sanitized the changes, although I may need some reminding ;).

      Of course there's no inconvenience if you need to take some time to get settled in your new position (congratulations!), my colleague and I just continue to work from my repository.

      Regards, Scott

      (PS, sometimes I find the reply button and sometimes I don't, apologies for the out-of-thread comments I often leave!)