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Release Notes


Small maintenance release that however introduces one API breaking change.

  • Added bindings for the Set API. (Nadia Polikarpova)
  • Replace the now deprecated Z3_eval with Z3_model_eval.

This latter change breaks the API by changing the type of modelEval which now takes an extra Bool parameter to force model completion.


This release brings support for the new Z3 4.x API, and removes support for the old API. We are following a new version policy, yet compatible with Haskell's PVP. So new versions are of the form x.y.z, where x is the version of Z3 API supported, y is a major revision of the bindings, and z is a minor revision of the bindings. Consequently, we bumped the version to 4.0.0 :-).

Special thanks to Nadia Polikarpova, who diagnosed a problem in our use of ForeignPtr finalizers, and proposed a fix.

Cabal package

  • Relaxed dependencies, and removed upper bounds.

New features and API functions

  • Switched to Z3 4.x API.
  • Reference counting is managed by the gargabe collector.
  • Algebraic datatypes. (KC Sivaramakrishnan)
  • Z3_get_ast_kind, Z3_solver_check_assumptions, Z3_solver_get_unsat_core. (Nadia Polikarpova)
  • Z3_mk_fresh_const, Z3_mk_fresh_func_decl. (KC Sivaramakrishnan)
  • MonadFix instance for the Z3 monad. (Pepe Iborra)
  • Hspec test-suite, with just a couple of tests, more to come...
  • A few more helpers for creating numerals, evaluating expressions, and so on.
  • Module Z3.Base.C, a very low-level interface to Z3 C API, is now exported. Just in case you want to write your own marshaling layer ;-)

Removals and API-breaking changes

  • No more support for the old Z3 3.x API.
  • Removed Z3.Lang module, this should re-appear as a separate package soon.
  • MonadZ3 instances must be Applicative.
  • Numerals API is now closer to Z3 C API. So, for instance, mkInt now takes both an integer and a sort. You can use mkInteger or mkIntNum instead.
  • Z3.Monad.assertCnstr is now called Z3.Monad.assert.

Refactoring and clean-up

  • Reduce boilerplate in Z3.Base.
  • Fix docs to distinguish Z3 API functions and helpers.


Thanks to Scott West and Nadia Polikarpova for contributing to this release.


  • Fixed solverCheckAndGetModel to return a model from an unknown satisfiability result, if one exists. (Nadia Polikarpova)
  • Fixed mkMap API function to do not take the number of arrays as an input parameter, this should be equals to the length of the input array list. Strictly speaking this is a minor break of the API but it was considered a but and therefore fixed.

Refactoring and clean-up

  • Reduced marshalling boilerplate in Z3.Base. This is a very important step towards supporting Z3 4.0 API.
  • Improved API documentation. If you are having difficulties due to (presumably) poor API or source documentation, please let us know.

New features

  • Support running multiple queries under the same logical context, using evalZ3WithEnv. (Scott West)

Newly supported API functions

  • Many solver-related API functions (Scott West and Nadia Polikarpova).
  • z3_mk_forall_const (Scott West), z3_mk_exists_const.
  • Z3_get_version.


  • We deprecate showContext, showModel and getModel; since we prefer to avoid deviations from Z3 API names. Use contextToString, modelToString and checkAndGetModel instead.
  • We deprecate the Z3.Lang interface, that will be moved to a separate pacakge. Few people is using this (_DSL_ish) interface and it is arguably more unstable than Z3.Base or Z3.Monad. It also introduces dependencies with GHC extensions like type families that we prefer to avoid in a more stable package.


  • Add SMT to categories in z3.cabal.