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File doc/Makefile

 	mkdir -p build/html build/doctrees
-	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b html $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) build/html
+	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b html $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) docbuild/html
-	@echo "Build finished. The HTML pages are in build/html."
+	@echo "Build finished. The HTML pages are in docbuild/html."
 	mkdir -p build/html/apidoc
-	epydoc --docformat restructuredtext ../lib/bx -o build/html/apidoc
+	epydoc --docformat restructuredtext ../lib/bx -o docbuild/html/apidoc
-	@echo "Epydoc finished. The pages are in build/html/apidoc."
+	@echo "Epydoc finished. The pages are in docbuild/html/apidoc."
 	mkdir -p build/pickle build/doctrees
-	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b pickle $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) build/pickle
+	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b pickle $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) docbuild/pickle
 	@echo "Build finished; now you can process the pickle files."
 	mkdir -p build/json build/doctrees
-	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b json $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) build/json
+	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b json $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) docbuild/json
 	@echo "Build finished; now you can process the JSON files."
 	mkdir -p build/htmlhelp build/doctrees
-	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b htmlhelp $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) build/htmlhelp
+	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b htmlhelp $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) docbuild/htmlhelp
 	@echo "Build finished; now you can run HTML Help Workshop with the" \
 	      ".hhp project file in build/htmlhelp."
 	mkdir -p build/latex build/doctrees
-	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b latex $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) build/latex
+	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b latex $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) docbuild/latex
 	@echo "Build finished; the LaTeX files are in build/latex."
 	@echo "Run \`make all-pdf' or \`make all-ps' in that directory to" \
 	mkdir -p build/changes build/doctrees
-	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b changes $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) build/changes
+	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b changes $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) docbuild/changes
 	@echo "The overview file is in build/changes."
 	mkdir -p build/linkcheck build/doctrees
-	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b linkcheck $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) build/linkcheck
+	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b linkcheck $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) docbuild/linkcheck
 	@echo "Link check complete; look for any errors in the above output " \
 	      "or in build/linkcheck/output.txt."

File doc/docbuild/html/_sources/index.txt

+.. BxPython documentation master file, created by sphinx-quickstart on Fri May 08 10:18:22 2009.
+   You can adapt this file completely to your liking, but it should at least
+   contain the root `toctree` directive.
+Welcome to BxPython's documentation!
+.. toctree::
+   :maxdepth: 2
+Indices and tables
+* :ref:`genindex`
+* :ref:`modindex`
+* :ref:`search`

File doc/docbuild/html/_static/artwork.png

Old image
New image

File doc/docbuild/html/searchindex.js

+Search.setIndex({desctypes:{},terms:{quickstart:0,creat:0,modul:0,tabl:0,direct:0,indic:0,file:0,toctre:0,your:0,index:0,welcom:0,fri:0,least:0,should:0,content:0,master:0,adapt:0,you:0,document:0,complet:0,bxpython:0,mai:0,search:0,sphinx:0,like:0,can:0,thi:0,contain:0,root:0,page:0},titles:["Welcome to BxPython’s documentation!"],modules:{},descrefs:{},filenames:["index"]})