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Remove stale ``distance`` function.

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     return sum(v ** 2 for v in difference(vec1, vec2))
-def distance(vec1, vec2):
-    """Return the distance between given vectors."""
-    return squaredistance(vec1, vec2) ** 0.5
 def average_color(img):
     """Return the average color of the given image.


 from osaic import dotproduct
 from osaic import difference
 from osaic import squaredistance
-from osaic import distance
 from osaic import average_color
 from osaic import quantize_color
 from osaic import ImageWrapper
         # squaredisance
         self.assertEquals(30, squaredistance(v1, v3))
         self.assertEquals(64, squaredistance(v2, v1))
-        # distance
-        self.assertEquals(30 ** .5, distance(v1, v3))
-        self.assertEquals(8, distance(v2, v1))
     def test_average(self):
         # XXX