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osaic is a simple module which let you create mosaics from images with a simple python -mosaic foo.jpg command.


osaic depends on the PIL library which is going to be installed automatically by the installation script: anyway, in order to make it possible to edit jpeg and png images, please install libjpeg and libpng.


From sources:

cd /path/to/workspace
tar zxvf osaic-1.0.0.tar.gz
cd osaic-1.0.0
python install

From the PyPI:

pip install osaic


osaic is a module that can be used either as a standalone application or as a standard python library.

Standalone application

A typical usage of the application is to display a mosaic composition created from a source image:

python -mosaic image.jpg

If you want to save the output to a file instead of showing it:

python -mosaic image.jpg -o mosaic-image.jpg

Finally, if you want to create a mosaic which is 4 times bigger than the original image, and with 100 tiles per axis, just issue:

python -mosaic -s4 -t100 image.jpg

For everything else use the help message:

python -mosaic -h


First of all, import the module:

>>> import osaic

Then create a new Osaic object:

>>> mos = osaic.Osaic('foo.jpg', tiles=32, size=1, mode=osaic.DEFAULT)

At this point, create the mosaic, show it on screen and save it on a file:

>>> mos.create()

Alternatively, you can use the create function shipped with the module which is a wrapper of all the actions listed above:

>>> import osaic
>>> osaic.create(
...     filename='foo.jpg',
...     tiles=32,
...     size=2,
...     mode=osaic.DEFAULT,
...     output=None,
... )