This is a sample app that demonstrates the use of Clang's C API discussed at Messing about with Clang

The app itself is just a prototype I put together to learn how to use the API.


You need to build clang and install it, so that you've got libClang and the interface headers.


  • The app isn't very useful at all. It browses the classes in a single hard-coded source file path, which is somewhere in my Documents folder. It then just shows the classes, methods and properties in an outline view with no attempt made to make sense of the beast.
  • The FZAClassGroup class isn't a good model; a real application might be interested in the contents of a project, or an executable, or a library. Or what Brad Cox might call a category.
  • The code is untested, except that I've seen it work. This was my one to throw away; enough people asked how it worked that I was willing to publish it but that doesn't mean you should start using it ;-).