The Toolbox of Level Set Methods (ToolboxLS) is a collection of Matlab
routines that implement numerical algorithms to approximate the
solution of the time-dependent Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) partial
differential equation (PDE) in any number of dimensions.  The HJ PDE
is often used for simulating dynamic implicit surfaces in animation
and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and it is of independent
interest in areas of optimal control, differential games, robotics,
financial mathematics, continuous reachability, etc.

To use ToolboxLS, you will need to run the basic version of Matlab.
No additional toolboxes are required.  Version 1.1 of ToolboxLS
definitely works with Matlab R2010b, but likely works for some older
releases.  If you want to run on very old releases of Matlab, you may
need to remove certain recent language features by hand (eg: the ~
parameter, && short-circuit boolean operator).

If you got these files from the ToolboxLS web page in zip archive, you
can find the most recent version of ToolboxLS (including bug fixes)
at this Mercurial repository:

If you are downloading from this repository, you can choose between
the tagged versions or the tip.  Normally we suggest choosing the most
recent tagged version -- it is most likely to be stable, but it may be
missing some bug fixes.

Before using ToolboxLS, you will need to edit one configuration file
as follows.  Go into the Examples/ subdirectory.  There you will find
a file:


Open that file with your favorite text editor and modify the path name
contained there so that it contains the absolute path (starting from
root) of the Kernel subdirectory of this distribution.  Save the
modified file.

Once you have edited this file, you can try out ToolboxLS as follows.
Start Matlab, change to the Examples/Basic directory, and try running:


If it generates a figure showing a circle moving to the right, you are
on your way.

For more information and to get the 140 page, indexed user guide see

Ian M. Mitchell
August 2012