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+syntax: glob

File paste/script/copydir.py

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         return 'Skipping hidden file %(filename)s'
     if name.endswith('~') or name.endswith('.bak'):
         return 'Skipping backup file %(filename)s'
-    if name.endswith('.pyc'):
-        return 'Skipping .pyc file %(filename)s'
+    if name.endswith('.pyc') or name.endswith('.pyo'):
+        return 'Skipping %s file %(filename)s' % os.path.splitext(name)[1]
     if name.endswith('$py.class'):
         return 'Skipping $py.class file %(filename)s'
     if name in ('CVS', '_darcs'):
         args = [info]
     exc.args = tuple(args)
 standard_vars = {
     'nothing': None,
     except Exception, e:
         _add_except(e, 'in expression %r' % expr)
 class LaxTemplate(string.Template):
     # This change of pattern allows for anything in braces, but
     # only identifiers outside of braces: