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Update to CherryPy WSGI server to use Python's builtin 'ssl' module only if available.

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     from cherrypy import wsgiserver
-    from cherrypy.wsgiserver.ssl_builtin import BuiltinSSLAdapter
 except ImportError:
     print '=' * 60
     print '== You must install CherryPy (pip install cherrypy) to use the egg:PasteScript#cherrypy server'
     print '=' * 60
+    import ssl
+    from cherrypy.wsgiserver.ssl_builtin import BuiltinSSLAdapter
+except ImportError:
+    builtin = False
+    builtin = True
 def cpwsgi_server(app, global_conf=None, host='', port=None,
                   ssl_pem=None, protocol_version=None, numthreads=None,
     server = wsgiserver.CherryPyWSGIServer(bind_addr, app,
                                            server_name=server_name, **kwargs)
     if is_ssl:
-        server.ssl_module = 'builtin'
-        server.ssl_adapter = BuiltinSSLAdapter(ssl_pem, ssl_pem)
+        if builtin:
+            server.ssl_module = 'builtin'
+            server.ssl_adapter = BuiltinSSLAdapter(ssl_pem, ssl_pem)
+        else:
+            server.ssl_certificate = server.ssl_private_key = ssl_pem
     if protocol_version:
         server.protocol = protocol_version
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