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Warning: could not load entry point app (ImportError: No module named app)

Polinom Polynets
created an issue

I'm developing small project with ability scaffold (copy project files as an template). Trying to build my project by following this tutorial. This is what official documentation suggests.

mkvirtuallenv app


paster create app

than added in my setup.py


  app = app.app:FrameworkTemplate


than from paste.script import templates

class FrameworkTemplate(templates.Template):

    egg_plugins = ['app']
    summary = 'Template for creating a basic Framework package'
    required_templates = ['basic_package']
    _template_dir = 'templates'
    use_cheetah = True

crated my templates folder and package folder in app/templates/+package+/


python setup.py develop

And here is my finish: When I do

paster create --list-templates

It says me that:

Warning: could not load entry point app (ImportError: No module named app)

I'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong? And hot to make it work

When I run python console and import app it is importing with no problems.

The issue id duplicated on stackoverflow.com