pip / .hgtags

a28042dcac134ad08f01cc171a5b07d6a6e9dbd6 0.3
3c33281e648b6350db0b95573b9cc656ed77a3e2 0.4
6efd1890ef8a667ec2262112c4a6f0e200fd5502 0.5
86fd77176637a895ba2cb71f01fd688b1e4aee88 0.6
b1871863cdd6466caf9f2764b2233dc172877a5e 0.7
6a46f3ea7d6e9cbfcc61c9cedf0163f31c7fcf23 0.8
b1871863cdd6466caf9f2764b2233dc172877a5e 0.7
63fe6ef7d9cbeb7283839d2b5ce3763a4ddf1691 0.7
6a46f3ea7d6e9cbfcc61c9cedf0163f31c7fcf23 0.8
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0.8
be6a59b56a67b72d8356fd82b88c6b4b79b9122c 0.7.1
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