Unfriendly to paths with spaces

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[with apologies for the way I initially phrased this ticket]

If the path to my executable has spaces in it, scripttest gets confused. I think it has to do with [[http://bitbucket.org/ianb/scripttest/src/tip/scripttest/init.py#cl-141|this bit of code]] which tries to automatically reinterpret the first parameter based on the value of the second one.
I suggest dropping this behavior, but if you must maintain backward compatibility, you need an additional interface or an optional argument to say "don't split."

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  1. Ian Bicking repo owner

    I didn't reproduce this, but I think I put in a fix just to suppress that error and ignore the space when there are multiple args. It's not perfect, but it should catch the common case when you have a script with a space in it, as might be common in Windows.

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