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be more tolerant of bad methods

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             url += urllib.urlencode(sorted(kw.items()))
         return url
+    def list_jobs(self):
+        resp = self.req_app.get(self.url('/api/json'))
+        return json.loads(resp.body)['jobs']
     def list_commands(self):
         for method in dir(self):
             if method.startswith('command_'):
                 name = method[len('command_'):].replace('_', '-')
                 meth = getattr(self, method)
-                doc = meth.__doc__.strip()
+                doc = (meth.__doc__ or 'no docs').strip()
                 summary = re.split(r'\n\s*\n', doc)[0]
                 print '%s:%s %s' % (name, ' ' * (20 - len(name)), summary)
                     value = not value
             self.add_prop(result, name_parts, value)
         return result
     def get_parent_name(self, field):
         names = []
         el = field.getparent()
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