Add a --node option to run, and make updating /etc/hosts optional

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Hi, I've been playing with silver quite a bit, and it looks great, and very complete. I've got a couple of suggestions with patches (I'm sticking both in one ticket, because I'm new to mercurial, and I don't seem to be able to put them in separate bundles).

I'm creating DNS CNAME entries for instances from a script that also calls the silver command to create them. I'd like this script to be as automatic as possible (at present I'm using it from Hudson). I'd therefore like to avoid using sudo to edit /etc/hosts (since I don't need it), and when running commands on a new instance, I'd like it to ssh to the canonical hostname rather than the CNAME, as that's causing host key authentication to fail.

Attached are patches to add options for both of these.


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