Varnish 2.0.4-2 on Ubuntu 9.10 fails to start with the silverlining config

Issue #20 invalid
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I am using Ubuntu 9.10 with Rackspace Cloud. It installs Varnish 2.0.4-2. The Varnish config that comes with Silverlining uses beresp instead of obj in vcl_fetch. This causes varnish to fail to start.

I've committed the following changeset that fixes the bug:

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  1. Anonymous

    I am going to test that in a few minutes. If not, we may need to rethink how config files are pushed to servers or put a flag in the sand on what version silverlining supports.

  2. ericmoritz reporter

    Ok. the default config in HEAD works in Lucid but "create-node" creates a Karmic node. Perhaps we should switch the default version for new nodes to Lucid?

  3. ericmoritz reporter

    I am marking this bug as invalid because it was submitted when varnish conf was transitioning to Lucid, but the default server version was still Karmic.

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