No module named deploy when running silver serve

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When I try to start up the app with: {{{ silver serve . }}}

The following error occurs:


Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/nate/silver/src/silverlining/silverlining/", line 146, in app self._app, self.writable_root = get_app(self.base_path) File "/home/nate/silver/src/silverlining/silverlining/", line 91, in get_app found_app = app_config.get_app_from_runner() File "/home/nate/silver/src/silverlining/silversupport/", line 320, in get_app_from_runner from paste.deploy import loadapp ImportError: No module named deploy


The app.ini points to a zope2.ini as the wsgi runner, and the zope2.ini file contains:


[DEFAULT] debug = True

[app:zope] use = egg:Zope2#main zope_conf = %(here)s/parts/instance/etc/zope.conf

[pipeline:main] pipeline =



[server:main] use = egg:paste#http host = localhost port = 8080


I've also tried to manually install PasteDeploy in the virtualenv with:

{{{ pip install PasteDeploy }}}

But this doesn't seem to make a difference. It still complains that it can't import paste.deploy.

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  1. Anonymous

    I'm 90% sure this is a local issue to your deployment. Are you sure you have PasteDeploy installed in silverlining's venv. Perhaps if you posts your `pip freeze` results we can determine what the bug is.

  2. Ian Bicking repo owner

    Yes, this just means PasteDeploy must be installed in your application. I've added something to catch this import error and added advice on installing PasteDeploy.

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