postfix install problem with 14362 Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic)

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Graham Higgins
created an issue

The postfix installation triggers a console dialog which terminates without input and thus fails to create /etc/postfix/, preventing postfix from starting up.

debconf docs recommend using an override database and this seems to work:



# Setup postfix config
stdout, stderr, returncode = ssh(
'root', node, '''

cat >> /root/pfxconfig.dat <<EOF Name: postfix/mailname Template: postfix/mailname Value: %s Owners: postfix Flags: seen

Name: postfix/main_mailer_type Template: postfix/main_mailer_type Value: Internet site Owners: postfix Flags: seen EOF ''' % FQDN) stdout, stderr, returncode = ssh( 'root', node, """DEBCONF_DB_OVERRIDE='File{/root/pfxconfig.dat}' \ apt-get -y -q=2 install $(cat)""", stdin=packages) }}}

in that postfix starts and (given a FQDN), successfully sends mail.

In my clone, I've actually hard-coded a domain in order to provide the required FQDN. In the above code I've used "FQDN" as a placeholder. I guess it'll have to be set on a per-node basis which implies config.

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