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DNS Services

Silver Lining currently does not handle DNS at all.  But it might be
nice if it did, don't you think?  With this in mind I've asked around
a bit about DNS services that include APIs.  So far:

* `DNS Made Easy <http://www.dnsmadeeasy.com/s0306/res/ddnsc.html>`_

* `Nettica <http://www.nettica.com/Support/Developers.aspx>`_

* `Zerigo <http://www.zerigo.com/managed-dns>`_ (they have a slick Web
  2.1-looking website).  There's also a `Python interface
  <https://bitbucket.org/dotcloud/pyzerigo/overview/>`_ in the works.

* `DynDNS <http://dyn.com/dynect>`_ has a SOAP interface (yuck!) but
  is said to have a REST interface in the works.

* Slicehost offers something, not sure if you need to sign up for an

* Rackspace Cloud has something, but I haven't seen an API for it.